Stuart and Mary-Michal's Yorkshire Wedding Blessing.

This blessing in WR dialect was specially written by John Waddington-Feather for my son Stuart who married his American fiancée, Mary-Michal, on 1st May 2004 at St Andrew's Church in Stockton, California. John refers to both this blessing and the one below in an article about the Haworth dialect.written for the Brontë Society. To view the article click here.

Tha'rt startin' on life's greatest journey nah,
An' weer it leads net one of us can tell;
Tha'll travel ower lands boath near an' far,
Wi' ups an' dahns, but growin' cloaser till ye mell.

For that's what married life is all abaht,
Mellin', growin' cloaser year by year;
Ridin' aht some rough times wi' the smooth,
Mixin' in thi laughter the odd tear.

Stuart, Mary-Michal, now two-in-one,
Wife that's come a way across the sea;
Californian beauty wed to Yorkshire Tyke,
Happy may ye boath for ivver be.

May God bless thy union now an' aye,
Bless thi hoam an' all that dwell therein;
May, in turn, thisens be blessin's, too,
To thi fellow creatures an' thi kin. Amen.
John Waddington-Feather © 2004 .
mell = join together, meld.




A Wedding Blessing in Yorkshire Dialect.

This is another blessing in WR dialect was written by John Waddington-Feather for the of a son of a friend of mine. Guy Moverley married Olly Hughes at St Cuthbert's Church, Crayke, North Yorkshire on 10th of August 2002. The fact that Guy contacted me via the Internet was an amazing coincidence which was reported in the local press (click here for details).

Soa, nah tha'rt wed an' made thi marriage vows,
an' ta'en each other better or for war,
we'll wish thee ivvery happiness an' joy
wherivver fortun taks thee, near or far.
Tha'rt sure to hev thi reg'lar ups-an'-dahns,
to fratch a bit an' sometimes shed a tear,
but nah tha'rt wed tha'll hev to mak it up
an' ho'd each other closer an' more dear.
Tha'll hev a deal o' happy times an' all,
but larn to share 'em wi' each other, too;
for sharing is what wedding's all abaht,
tha'rt joined as one i' wedlock nah, net two.
Soa, 'ere's a blessing on thi booath today,
a blessing on thi hooam an'on thi kin;
may God be wi' thee all thi wedded life,
enrich thee by His grace an' love. Amen.
John Waddington-Feather © 2002