Coat of Arms of the North Riding
Coat of Arms of the North Riding

This is the speech of a man in his early seventies who was born and raised in the North Riding and who has lived in the same village the whole of his life. Educated to secondary school level, he spent some time working in agriculture, both before and after a serving in the Royal Navy. However, the majority of his working life was spent in a factory devoted to the manufacture of confectionary. The following is an extact from the informant's account of the history of his working life. To hear the spoken version, click here.

I spent two years there because I went to help him, because he was struggling a bit for labour and it was
sowing time when I came out of the navy. It was March actually thirty first of March when I came
out of the navy and and he asked me to go down did Bill and I went down there for a couple of years
to help him to sow his seed . and then I decided, well, I aren't sticking this. I'll you know, farming.
I farmed when I first left school obviously ah, I'm going to Rowntrees, and I went to Rowntrees. I
went to Rowntrees in 19 50, 1959. I can remember it as if it were yesterday, the 9th of December 1959.
And I went to Rowntrees and, Barry, I thought well I shall never ever stick factory life. You see, with
being in the navy and being on the farm there's no way I shall settle down, but I'll go for three months
and give it a try . And I stayed for 34 years.