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’lowance n.


See allowance



laat v.


See lait



lace v.


to lash; to thrash; to beat;


< OF. lacier (to lace)

lad n.


a boy; a son; a friendly form of address


< ME. ladde (a servant, churl, youth)

lading can n.


a small container, with a handle, used for ladling water


< OE hladan (take in water) + canne (cup, can)

lady-clock n.


a ladybird


< OE. hlǣ fdige (orig.of second element unknown)

lagged a.


tired out


orig. obscure

lagger n.


a truant


orig. obscure

laggin n.


iron hoop used to secure the bottom of a barrel


??? < ON. log (a groove in the staves of a cask)

lahl a.


See lahtle



lahtle a.


little; also lahl


??? < ON. lítell.

laik v.


See lake



laiker n.


a player


See lake

laikin n.


a plaything; a toy


See lake

lair n.


a cattle enclosure; a place for animals to lie down in


< OE. leȝer (lying, lair)

lait v.


to look or search for; to seek; also laat


< ON. leita (to seek, search)

laithe n.


See lathe



lake v.


to play; to be out of work; also laik, leck


< ON. leika (to play)

lam v.


to beat, to thrash thoroughly


< ON. lemja (to flog, to beat)

lamping v




< F. lampe (light, lamp) from the practic of using a bright light to illuminate or dazzle the hunted animal

land v.


to arrive somewhere


< OE lendan (to arrive, land)

lang a.




< OE. lang (long, tall)

lang settle n.


a long wooden bench with arms and a high back


< OE. lang (long, tall) + setl (seat, place to sit)

lant n.


stale urine formerly used in various industrial processes (e.g.dyeing)


< OE. hland (urine)

lap (up) v.


to wrap or cover up


< ME lappen (to wrap, enfold or enclose)



woollen waste


< OE. læppa (piece, portion)

lard-head n.


a fool; a person who can never do anything in the right way; cf. fat-head


< OF. lard (bacon, lard) + OE. hēafod

larn v.


See learn



lass n.


a girl; daughter; a young woman; a friendly form of address


< ME. lasce, las(se) ??? f. ON.*lasqa (unmarried)

lat a.




< OE. læt (slow, lax, late)

lathe n.


a barn; also laithe, leeath


< ON. hlaða (store-house, barn)

lathe porch n.


a covered entrance to a barn


< ON. hlaða (store-house, barn) + OF. porche (covered entrance)

latt n.


a thin narrow strip of wood of the type used in the construction of lattice or trellis work;


< OE. laett ( beam, lath)

laup v.


See loup



laverock n.


a skylark


< OE. lāwerce , ON. lǽvirke (lark)

lawk v.


See louk



lay v.


to wager


< OE. lecgan (to lay, place, deposit)

lead v.


to carry or convey something in a cart or other vehicle


< OE. lǣdan (to lead, guide, carry)

leak v.


to sprinkle with water; also lek, leck


??? < ON. leka (to drip, to leak)

learn v.


to teach, to learn; also larn


< OE. leornian, (to learn, to study)

leasing vbl.n.


an armful of corn or hay (formerly gleaned or leased)


< OE lesan (glean, gather)

leck 1 v.


See leak



leck 2 v.


See lake



lecking-can n.


a watering-can


??? < ON. leka (to drip, to leak) + OE. canne (can, cup)

lead v.


See lead



leeak v.


to look; to appear


< OE lōcian (to see, behold)

leeath n.


See lathe



leet n.


a light


< Ang. l ē ht (light, daylight)

leet-coloured a.


vocally high-pitched


< Ang. l ē ht (light, daylight)+ OF. coulourer (to colour)

leet-gi'en a.


See light-given


(lit 'light-given')

leetnin' 1vbl.n.


the alleviation of an illness immediately prior death, when a temporary improvement occasionally occurs


< OE . l ē ohtian ((to be lightened, relieved)

leetnin' 2 vbl.n.




< OE. lī getung , lī hting (lightning)

leg v.


to walk or run quickly; to trip up;


< ON. leggr (leg)

legger n.


a man who impels a canal boat through a tunnel by pushing his legs against the walls.


< ON. leggr (leg)

leister n.


a type of pronged spear used in fishing


< ON. lióstr f. liósta ( to strike)

lek v.


See leak



lend n.


a loan


< OE. l ǣ n (loan, borrowing)

lengthman n.


a person assigned to maintain a specified stretch of road or railway


< OE. l e ng ð u (length) + mann (man, person)

lennack a.


See lennock



lennek a.


See lennock



lennick a.


See lennock



lennock a.


limp,; supple; pliant; also lennuck, lennok, lennack, lennick, lennek


orig. obscure

lennok a.


See lennock



lennuck a.


See lennock



leuk, v.


to look; also lewk


< OE lōcian

lewk v.


See leuk



ley 1n.


a scythe


< ON. ( scythe )

ley 2n.


a meadow, pasture


< OE lēah (lee, meadow)

lief a .& adv.


willingly; gladly;


< OE .lēof ( valued, beloved, agreeable)

lig, v.


to lie; to lay; also ligg


< ON liggja (to lie)

ligg v.


See lig



ligger n.


a branch cut, or laid down horizontally by a hedger


< ON liggja (to lie)

ligger-aht n.


a woman engaged to layout the dead


< ON liggja (to lie) + OE. ūt (out)

liggin’-in v.


staying in bed


< ON liggja (to lie) + OE. in (in)

light –given a.


flirtatious; fickle, foolish; flighty; also leet-gi'en


< OE . lēoht , Ang. lēht (light, daylight) + ON gefinn (given)

likelin’s a. & adv.




??? < ON. líkligr (likely, probable)

likeness n.


a photograph; a portrait,


< ONorth. līcnes (likeness, similarity)

limmers n. pl.


the shafts of a cart or carriage


??? < F. limonière ( the shafts and connected framework of a cart or carriage)

ling 1n.




< ON. lyng (ling, heather)

ling 2 n.


a long, slender sea-fish;


< ME. lenge ??? f. ON langa (ling)

lingy a.


springy; wiry;


< OF. l igne , linge ( thin, supple)

lip n.


answering back; impudence,


< OE. lippa (lip)

lippen v.


to trust; to rely


< ME. lippen (to rely [on], to trust)

lish a.


active, nimble


orig. unknown

lisk n.


groin; flank


< ME. leske (flank) ??? f. ON. cf. Da. lyske

lithe v.


to render thick; to thicken (broth, soup, sauces etc); also lythe


< OE. līðan f. līðe (gentle, mild)

lithening vbl n.


See lything



lithin vbl n.


See lything



lithing vbl n.


See lything



liver v.


to deliver


< ME. liveren f. OF. livrer (release, set free)

loan n.


See lonnin



loaning n.


See lonnin



loggin n.


a bundle of straw


orig. unknown

lolly n.


the tongue


orig. unknown

lonk n.


variety of large sheep


< lank the first syllable of Lancashire

lonnin n.


a lane; a right of way; also loan, loaning


< OE lone (lane, street) + -ing (suffix)

look v.


See louk



loopy a.




orig. obscure

loose v.


to finish working for the day (factory, school etc); to close; also lose, lowse


< ON. louss , lauss (loose)

lop a.


state of the sea when waves are small and choppy



lop n.


a flea


??? < ON.*hloppa f. hlaupa (to leap)

lopper 1 v.


to boil and bubble


??? < ON. hlaupa (to leap)

lopper 2 v.


to turn sour; to curdle; to become smeared with coagulated dirt


??? < ON. hloup , hlaup (coagulation of milk or blood)

loppy a.


verminous; dirty; infested with fleas


See lop n.

lose v.


See loose



loss v.


to lose


< OE. losian (to be lost, lose)

louk v.


to weed; to hoe; also look, lowk lawk, luke


< OE. lūcan (pull up, pluck out)

loup v.


to jump; to leap; also lowp, lawp, laup


< ON. hlaupa (leap)

love n.


employed as a form of address to one's beloved; used informally to a close acquaintance; also generally applied to anybody one encounters; also luv


< OE. lufu (love, strong liking)

lowk v.


See louk



lown a.


in relation to the sea – calm; also lownd a.


< ON. *lugn (calm, smooth of wind and waves)

lown n.


a soft Spring rain: also lownd n.


< ON. *lugn (calm, smooth of wind and waves)

lownd a.


See lown a.



lownd n.


See lown n.



lowp v.


See loup



lowse v.


See loose



lug v.


to pull; to drag; to carry;


< ME. luggen (to drag, to pull) ??? f. ON. cf. Swed. lugga (to pull a person’s hair)

lug 1 n.




orig. obscure

lug 2 n.


a knot in the hair


??? < ON *lug (forelock)

luggy a.


tangled (in relation to the hair)


orig. obscure





orig. obscure

luke v.


See louk



lum n.


a chimney


??? < OF. lum (light)

lummox n.


a stupid or foolish individual


orig. obscure

lunt n.


a flame, a torch, a light,


< Du. lont (match)

luv n.


See love



lythe v.


See lithe



lything vbl n.


thickening: also lithin, lithing, lithening


See lithe