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ta pers. pron.


See thoo



tab n.


a cigarette


orig. obscure

tack n.


food, particularly if judged to be of inferior quality


orig. obscure

tackler n.


an overlooker of weavers;


??? < MLG. takel ( equipment)

ta'en ppl.a.


taken; also tekken


< ON. taka (to grasp, to seize)

tagareen n


second-hand goods,; junk etc .; also tagreen


orig. uncertain

tagreen n.


See tagareen



tahme n.




< OE. tīma

tahn n.


See toon



tak v.


to take; also tek


< ON. taka (to grasp, to seize)

tale n.


a story or account of something either true or fictitious


< OE. talu (a tale, a statement)

tally n.


cohabitation without being married


< AF. tallie

tang n.


the extended part of a knife etc by which it is secured to its handle


< ON. tange (point)

tang v.


to sting; also teng


< ON. tange (a point)

tanner n.


a pre-decimalization sixpenny piece worth 2½ p


orig. uncertain

tap-hole n.


a small opening in a furnace through which molten metal may be run out


< OE. tæppa + hol

tap-'oil n.


See tap-hole



tarn n.   a lake; a pond   < ON. tjörn (small lake, pool)

tart a


sour tasting


< OE. teart (sharp, rough, severe)

tave v.


to strive; to toil; to labour; to struggle in work; also teeave


??? < ON. cf. Nor. dial. tava (to toil, to struggle)



marbles; a game played with marbles


orig. unknown

teagle n.


hoisting apparatus; a crane;


a variation of tackle ??? < MLG. takel ( equipment)

teamer n.


a carter ; a teamster; a waggoner


< OE. tēam (team of horses, oxen etc)

ted v.


to spread; to strew;


< OE. *teddan (to spread manure)

tee v.


to tie


< OE. tīȝan (to tie, to bind)

teea n.


a toe


< OE.

teead n.


a toad


< OE. tādiȝe

teeafit n.


See tewit



teeap n.


See tup



teeave v.


See tave



teem v.


to pour (out); to rain heavily; to unload a cart;


< ON. toema (to empty)

teemer n.


the man responsible for pouring out molten metal from a blast furnace


See teem

teg n.


a sheep in its second year


orig. uncertain

tek v.


See tak



tekken ppl.a.


taken; also ta’en


< ON. tekinn (grasped, seized)

telled v.




< OE. tealde (told)

tellt v.


See telled



temse n. & v.




??? < OE temesian (to sift)

teng v.


See tang



tent v.


to watch over, to look after, for example, grazing animals


< OF. atente (act of attending)

tenter 1 n.


someone who has charge of, anything requiring attention such as a machine, a flock , etc.


See tent v.

tenter 2 n.


a wooden frame on which cloth is stretched to dry after being milled


??? < AF. or OF.*tentour (stretcher)

termorn adv.




< ME.. tomorn, tomorwen f. OE. tō morgen

terneet adv.




< ME. toniȝt f. OE. tō niht

tetchy a.


irritable; peevish; testy


orig. uncertain

tewit n.


a lapwing; also teeafit



tha pers. pron


See thoo



tha poss. a.


See thi



thack v.


to thatch; also theeak


< OE. þacian (to thatch)

thack-brod n.


a pointed instrument used in thatching; also brod


< OE. þacian (to thatch) + ON. broddr (shaft, spike)

tharf cake n.


a flat circular unleavened oat cake sometimes flavoured with butter and treacle


< OE. þeorf (unleavened) + ON. kaka

that dem. adv.


so; e.g. shiclooted ’im that 'ard (she hit him so hard)


< OE. þæt

theeak v.


See thack



theet a.


tightly woven; watertight;


< ON.* þéhtr later þéttr (tight, water tight)

them dem. pron. & a.




< ON. þeim

thi poss. a.


your; also tha


< ME. þi f. OE. þī n

thible n.


a stick used to stir porridge or washing; also thivle, thivvel


orig. obscure

thick a.


i ntimate; on very friendly terms; close in association and confidence;


< OE. þicce (closely, thickly)



the shafts of a wagon or cart


< ME. thille

thimmle n.




< OE. þӯmel

thine poss. pron.




< OE. þīn

thirl n.


hole in a wall used by sheep


< OE. thӯrel (opening, aperture)

thissel pron.


yourself; also thissen


< ME. þi + seluen

thissen pron


See thissel



thivle n.


See thible



thivvel n.


See thible



thoddy n.


third person: on a farm or in a team


< OE. þridda , þrida

thoil v.


to endure; to submit with patience; to bear with; to afford or grant willingly; to allow; to permit; to suffer;


< OE. þolian (to suffer, to endure, to undergo)

thoo pers. pron


the familiar form of you; also ta, tha


< OE. þū

thosty a.




< ON. þorsti

thrang a.


See throng



thrave n.


t wo stooks of corn each generally containing twelve sheaves


< ON. þrefi

threap v.


to complain; to grumble; to argue; also threeap


< OE. þrēapian ( to rebuke, to reprehend)

threeap dahn v.


to bully orally


See threap

threeap v.


See threap



threng a.


See throng



throit n.




< ME.. throit f. OE. þrote

throng a.


busy; crowded; also thrang, threng


< ME. þrong, þrang f. OE ȝeþrang ( throng, crowd, tumult )

thropple n.


the windpipe; throat; also throttle


< ME. þropul (windpipe)_

throssel n.


See throstle



throssie n.


See throstle



throssle n.


See throstle



throstle n.


a song thrush; also throssel, throssie, throssle


< OE. þrostle



See thropple



thruff prep & adv.




< OE. þurh

thrum n. each of the ends of the warp-threads left unwoven and remaining attached to the loom when the web is cut off < ME. thrum

thrussen v.




< ME. thrusten f. ON. þrýsta (t o thrust, press)

thrutch v.


to press; to squeeze; to crush;


< OE. þrycc (e)an (to crush, press)

thunner n. & v.




< OE. þunor ,

thunner pash n.


a heavy fall of rain


< OE. þunor + ME. pacche, passche (??? imit.)

thwitel n.


a type of knife


< OE.þ wī tan (to cut, whittle)

tide n.


a fair


< OE. tī d (time, feast-day)

tig v.


to touch lightly


< ME. tiken ( to touch or pat a person as part of a game)

til prep.




< ONorth. til f. ON. til

tipple v.


to tumble; to fall


< orig. obscure

tit n.


a small horse


onom. (as a term for a small animal or object) cf. Nor. dial. titta (l ittle girl) tîta ( a little fish)

titmoos n.


See titmouse



titmouse n.


a bluetit


< ME. titmose

tod n.


a fox


< ME. tod

tolter v.


to move unsteadily ; to hobble; to totter; also tolther


< OE. tealtrian ( to totter, stagger )

tolther v.


See tolter



tonnup n.




< F. tour (round) + OE nǣp (turnip)

toon n.


town; also tahn


< OE. tūn

top-coit n.


an overcoat


< OE. top + ME. coit f. OF. cote

torves n. pl.


slabs of peat


< OE. turf (turf, sod)

towter n.


a peeping Tom


< ME. toten (to peek, to peer

traipse v.


to walk about aimlessly or needlessly; to walk tiredly


orig. obscure

tranklements n pl


See trinklements





See trinklements







reduced form of trappings < F. drap (cloth, covering) + OE. suffix -ing

traycle n.




< OF. triacle

tret v.




< OF. tretier , traitier

trig v.


to fill full; to stuff; (e.g. the stomach)


< ON. tryggr ( faithful, secure)



favourite bits and pieces; also tranklements, tranklyments


??? < OF. tryncle (t rinket, jewel)

tripe-hound n.


a fool


< OF. tripe , trippe ( entrails of an animal) + OE. hund (dog)

trod n.


a footpath


< OE. trod, (track, trace)

trolling n.


the custom of rolling hardboiled eggs down a slope on Troll Egg Day


< OF. troller (to quest)

trone(s) n.


a weighing machine; a pair of scales;


< OF. trone (a balance, a set of scales)





< Ir (and Sc. Gael.) triubhas

trump v.


to break wind


< OF. tromper

tumril n.


a square feeding trough


< OF. tomberel

tundish n.


a type of funnel; a container used t o feed molten metal into an ingot mould


< OE. tunne (cask, barrel) + disc (plate, bowl)

tup n.


a ram; a male sheep; also teeap


< ME. tupe, tuppe

twilt v.


to beat; to thrash


Var. of quilt ??? < OF. coilte, cuilte

twind v.


to twist; to turn


< ME. twinen (to braid, entwine)

twined a.


angry, bad-tempered ; i.e. ‘wound up’



See twind

twinge n.


an earwig; see also twitch-bell


< OE. twengan (to pinch)

twinter a & n.


said of sheep and cattle of two winters’ i.e. two years old


< OE. twi-wintre (of two winters)

twitch-bell n.


an earwig; see also twinge


< ME. twicchen (to pinch)

twitc he ln.


a narrow passage; an a ll e y


< ME. twychen , f. OE. twycene , twicen (junction of two roads)

tyke n.


a cur; a dog; anybody born and bred in Yorkshire.


< ON. tik (a bitch)