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oard a.


See auld



ochin n.


See urchin



ochre water n.


water discolored by yellow clay from abandoned pits


< OF ocre (yellow ochre) + OE. wæter

'od v.


See hod



odshin n.


See urchin



off v.


going; e.g. Ah’m off yam, I’m going home


< OE. af (from, away from, of)

off comed 'un n.


someone from outside Yorkshire


< OE. of (from, out of) + cumin (come) + ān (one)

off-ender n.


third horse, where two others are harnessed together


< OE of (from, out of)+ende (extremity, outermost part, side, quarter)

oft a. & adv.




< OE. oft (frequently, often)

'oil n.


See hoil



okker watter n


See ochre water



'ollin n.


See hollin



olmenac n.


an almanack


orig. uncertain

ommost adv.




< OE. al + mæst

once ovver adv. phr.


formerly; at one time; once;


< OE. ǣnes (once) + ofer (over, beyond)

onnly adv. conj. & prep.




< ME anli f. OE. ānlic (only, unique)

onny a. & pron.




< OE. ǣniȝ (any, anyone)

onnyrooad adv. & conj.


See anyroad



onnywheears adv.




< OE. ǣniȝ (any, anyone) + hwǣr, hwār (where, whither)

ooast a.


See hoast



oot a. adv. & prep




< OE ut

ootgang n.


See outgang



oppen v.


to open


< OE. openian (open, disclose)

orf n.


an infectious disease of goats and sheep characterized by scabs on the muzzle, lips and other areas of the skin


??? < ON. cf. OI. hrufa (crust, rough surface)





??? < ON. afug , öfug , öfig (turned the wrong way) + OE. -weard (suffix denoting a specified direction)



leftovers from a meal, uneaten cattle fodder


< ME orte ??? f. OE *orǣt (leavings of animal feed)

oss v.


See osse



osse v.


to try; to attempt, to make a start on a task; to get going; also oss


< ME osse (to prophesy, to make known)

outby a. & adv.


mining term expressing closeness to the shaft as opposed to the coalface


< OE. ut + bī

outgang n.


way out; also ootgang


< OE ut +gang (way, passsage)

ovver a. & adv.


over; too; also ower


< OE. ufer, ufera (after, later, above, higher, upper)

overend adv


upright; on one's feet


< OE. ufer (above, higher, upper) + ende (extremity, outermost part, side, quarter)

owd a. & adv.




< OE. eald

owd feller n


father or husband


< OE. eald + ON. félage (partner, companion)

owd lass n


mother or wife


< OE. eald + ME. lasce, las(se) ??? f. ON.*lasqa (unmarried)

owd on! v.


wait!; just a minute!


< OE. healdan (to hold)

ower a. & adv.


over; too; cf. ovver


< ME. owr, ower, our . f. OE. ufer, ufera (above, higher, upper)

ower-kessen a.




< ME. owr, ower, our f. OE. ufer, ufera (above, higher, upper) + ON. kasta (to cast, to throw)

ower-nice a. & adv.


dainty; fussy; fastidious,


< ME. owr, ower, our . f OE. ufer, ufera + AN. nice, nis , nise

owmer n.




< OF. umbre ombre (shade)

own v.


to acknowledge; to recognise; ’e saw ’im but nivver owned ’im


< ONorth. agnage, agnege, agnian, (to own, possess, claim as one’s own)





< OE. oxan

owt a. adv. n. & pron.




< OE. ōwiht , āwiht (aught, anything, something)

oxter n.




< OE. ōcuta, ōxta, ōhsta (armpit)